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Explore the thrilling journey of PUBG Mobile’s evolution! Discover game-changing updates, esports impact, global success, and the cultural phenomenon it became. Relive the legacy in this captivating read.

PUBG Mobile 2.2 update is now out by the developers at Tencent, and here is the full patch notes list that you can read. This patch is another major release that introduces a new map called Nusa in PUBGM, newly added weather system and bicycle sheds, as well as structural updates to the Erangel map and new mode called Gear Front.

BLACKPINK in-game concert has started ! We have prepared several mini-games in order to offer an experience that will involve everyone more . In this way , you will not only enjoy the music in the concert , but also experience some of the new game elements ! Let’s take a closer look at these !

The brand new Ancient Mystery themed mod is now live ! A giant temple with unimaginable treasures is floating above Erangel and awaits those who seek their fortunes ! Today we want to show you some useful strategies for solving temple puzzles and defeating the boss .

Key Updates

New Themed Mode: Ancient Secret: Arise is here! Explore the secrets of the Emperor Temple!
BLACKPINK’s first global virtual concert lands in PUBG MOBILE!
Overhauled Chat Feature: Bring up chat with one tap and enjoy real-time voice chat with friends!

The new PUBG MOBILE × EVANGELION themed mode is here! Feel the thrilling rush of battle as the 6th Angel and EVA-01 confront each other once again.

Key Updates

New Map: Official Livik is getting an update! Play more, win more in the new Livik!
New Weapons: Get Livik-exclusive XT Upgrade Crates to improve your weapons’ performance!
New Vehicle: The UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) can move quickly and freely through all kinds of terrain.
Classic Map Improvements: Launched a new Haptics System to provide a more immersive experience. Added the Emergency Pickup to help you move to the Playzone quickly in critical moments!