Core Circle

The new PUBG MOBILE × EVANGELION themed mode is here! Feel the thrilling rush of battle as the 6th Angel and EVA-01 confront each other once again.

Availability: May 19 2:00–June 19 23:59 (UTC+0). Witness the battle on Ranked – Erangel.

  1. 6th Angel vs EVA-01

Tap the map to see EVA-01’s launch location and the 6th Angel’s path! Follow their path to witness a thrilling confrontation!

– The 6th Angel is attacking Erangel! It first appears on Spawn Island, firing destructive beams in all directions wherever it goes. Be careful and don’t get hit!

– EVA-01 will launch from below Erangel to face the Angel!

  1. Defensive Fortress

Defensive Fortresses contain lots of supplies. The supplies become exposed after taking damage from the Angel’s assault. Don’t miss this chance to get equipped!

  1. Supply Crates

Each area in the battleground contains fixed Supply Crates. Be sure to approach and activate them to get high-quality supplies.

  1. Super Recall

Were you unlucky and got eliminated at the start of the match? Don’t worry! As long as you have remaining teammates, Super Recall lets you automatically return to the battleground with a firearm once per match to immediately rejoin the fray!

  1. Other

From May 19–June 7, get Rating Protection for the first match in Core Circle each day. Battle without worry.