Update / Bug Fixes
Hello all players,
On January 30, the server were closed for updates. The update details are as in below:


1. Add FPP mode
- FPP mode (Solo, Duo, Squad) are now in game!
2. Bigger Kill Messages - Before, many players have experienced problems while checking the players in Kill feed. - We, therefore, made this ares bigger
3. Add blood effects
- Previously, when using DMR guns, SR, etc., shoot players in the distance. The blood effect is very small.
- We therefore add a blood effect to this update to make players more visible.
4. When being knocked, the time that is not damaged will be reduced.
- Due to playing time for Duo, Squad, the player is knocked The length of time that the damage has not been repeated for too long, so it feels like it is difficult to damage the knocker.
- We have therefore changed the duration to be shorter through this update.
- Before changing 2 seconds -> After changing 0.5 seconds
5. Change the standing position in the team to be different.
- Edit to show different standing gestures when standing in the lobby with the team

1. Edit player statistics
- Edit various impressions On the statistics page of the season In the average
- can check this information on the season page -> career

2. Improve server operation
- Improved server stability
3. Fixed a problem that caused the character to be stuck with things
- Fixed the problem that the character stuck between objects in the map of Erangel
To close this server update We will accelerate the problem.
If the server is updated successfully Will update the player to know
Finally, we would like to inform you that Will add new maps soon May the players be patient

Thank you