Hello all players,

First of all, the PUBG team would like to thank all the players sincerely. That is highly interested in our game And had already registered in advance From January 10 onwards

As previously reported in the previous announcement We are checking Efficiency and stability of servers and PUBG LITE games for the last time to open open beta

And on the 17th of January We have already tested 100 players simultaneously in Thailand. We are confident in the stability of the game. And we are going to open the open beta service According to the details below

[Open Beta service opening date] 
– Date: 24 January 2019 
– Opening times: will be announced again. 
– Participants: All players who have applied for a good account 
※ Opening times may change if caused. Some problems

Note: All players who play during this open beta period will not be reset. Therefore, all players can play PUBG LITE fully.

Let all players come to play our games a lot. 
Thank you.