We Are Happy To Announce Our New Events!!!

Hello everyone!
PUBG lite is open for a week by now. and every member in our team is very happy. As we are happy, we wanted you to be happy as well.
We'd like to thank all of our players with an event seen as below:
♦ Activity period: January 30, after the system update ~ February 13 before midnight

♦ Event 1!: Play games every day!

- Play the game 60 minutes a day during this event!
- You don't need to play in a duo / squad. You can participate in this event as solo as well.
- just complete the mission for 13 days in 15 days.
- you will receive the items.
Play for 60 minutes, in 13 days
Play for 60 minutes, in 8 days
Play for 60 minutes, in 5 days
※ If you complete 13-day mission, you will receive all the items
※ All items are for 14 days, starts by the time you receive those. After 14 days, the items will disappear from your inventory.

♦ Event 2!: Eat the chicken!

- Finish the game in 1st position during the event period !!
- GAME MODE (SOLO, DUO, SQUAD) any mode win will be counted
Items to be received
※ Every item is an item 14 days from the date of receipt. If completed 14 days, the item will disappear automatically.
♦ Date of receiving items: February 15-18
※ The item distribution date may be changed.

- Time to play the game only means that the time is on the battlefield.
- Time in the practice room and the lobby will not be counted as time to do activities
- Duration of the item the prize will be counted from the date of receiving the item.
- In the event that the character is deleted or canceled, the gameplay will not be accepted.
- Players who are banned after participating in the event will not be able to receive items.

Thank you