Hello all players,

First of all, we would like to thank all of you for paying attention to our PUBG LITE game and participating in a lot of open beta sessions over expectations

We know that some players are having trouble receiving BP and playing games. We would like to suggest the following basic solutions.

1. For cases that do not receive BP 
1) First! In the event that you are killed when you land on the ground Which has not yet collected any weapons And do not receive BP 
– this is normal. 
2) Second! In the event that the game server is unable to record the information of the player for a while It may cause a player to get BP at the end of the game 
– we’ve modified it finished at 16:30 pm. 
– If this occurs, we recommend that you leave the game, so it’s new. 
– If there are any problems that cause BP not receiving any of the above Can report the matter to our Customer Service

2. A game can have 
a PUBP LITE game requires DirectX 11 applications to work 
if you do not have DirectX 11, or if your device is not supported, it will not be able to play the game. 
Everyone can download DirectX 11 from our website below.

☞ Go to download link

Those who have problems with DirectX 11 will find the text like the image below when starting the game.

Hopefully this advice will help solve problems for players who encounter this kind of problem.

Thank You